Metallurgical Asstracts on Light Metal and Alloys



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1 Nature of the Carboxylate Species Incorporated in Anodic Alumina Films in Acid Solution N. Baba
2 Electrochromism of Oxalatotungstate (V) Complex Chemically Deposited in Micropores of Anodic Oxide Films on Aluminum N. Baba
3 Quantitative Evaluation of Microstructure in Weld Heat Affected Zone of Commercial Al-Mg-Si Alloy by Means of Electrical Resistivity Measurement T. Enjo
4 Some Experiments with a New Designed Rotary Forging Machine M. Hayama
5 Theoretical Analysis of Rotary Forging of Cylindrical Rod M. Hayama
6 Effect of Thermomechanical Treatment on Mechanical Properties of 2024 Aluminum Alloy J. Kaneko
7 Effect of Alternating Electromagnetic Force on Grain Refinement of Aluminum Y. Kawano
8 Relationship between Grain Refinement and Nonstable Factors in Electromagnetic Stirring of Molten Aluminum Y. Kawano
9 Hydrogen Diffusion in Aluminium at High Temperatures T. Kino
10 Heat Evolution Investigated by a Liquid Crystal Film Technique During Fracture in Metals (in Aluminum Alloys) A. Kobayashi
11 Decrease in Specific Resistivity by Cold Rolling of Al-Zn-g Alloys Aged at Room Temperature S. Komatsu
12 Calibration of the Pressure Sensor of Ridged Sheet Type and its Application to Some Cold Forging Processes of Aluminium H. Kudo
13 Reaction of Porous Anodic Oxide Films on Alu-minum with Hot Water III. Analysis of the Dissolution Characteristics of Hydrated Films by Impedance Measurements M. Nagayama
14 Reaction of Porous Anodic Oxide Films on Aluminum with Hot Water IV. Analysis of the Film Structure by Gravimetry and Porefilling Method M. Nagayama
15 Structure and Density of Anodic Oxide Films Formed on Aluminum in Oxalic Acid Solutions M. Nagayama
16 Wear and Frictional Characteristics of Carbon Fiber-(Al-Cu) Composites A. Okada
17 In Situ Observation with an Auger Electron Microprobe on Al-15wt%Ag Alloys Scribed by Diamond Scriber K. Okada
18 Direct Monte Carlo Simulation of Scattering Processes of kV Electrons in Aluminum: Comparison of Theoretical N(E) Spectra with Experiment R. Shimizu
19 Formation and Crystallization of Al-Fe-Si Amorphous Alloys P. H. Shingu
20 Effects of Zirconium Addition on Quench-Sensitivity of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys H. Suzuki

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21 The Influence of Working on Quench-Sensitivity of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys Containing Transition Elements H. Suzuki
22 Fundamental Studies on Aluminum Broaching on the Tool Wear in Turing Hyper-Eutectic Al-Si Alloys Y. Suzuki
23 Aluminium and Manganes as Anodes for Dry and Reserve Batteries S. Tajima
24 Observations of Voids and Cracks in Ductile Fracture Process During Tensile Test of 5083 Aluminum Alloy Plate T. Takaai
25 Microsegregation of Al-Mg Alloys with the Small Amount of Fe, Mn and Ti T. Takahashi
26 Strain Distribution in Cup-Drawing of Planer Anisotropic Sheets Y. Tozawa
27 Calculations from Texture of Earing in Deep Drawing for FCC Metal Sheets Y. Tozawa
28 Influence of Postweld Time on Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviour in Welds of Al-Zn-Mg Alloy K. Uesaki
29 Effects of a Small Addition of Yttrium or Mischmetal on the Recrystallized Grain Size of Al-Mn Alloy Containing Si H. Yamada
30 Synthesis of Crystalline Alumina Film by Breakdown Anodic Oxidation of Aluminum M. Yamada
31 Electrolytic Synthesis of Colored Eta Alumina Film M. Yamada
32 On the Fiber Texture Change During Drawing of Initial {112}〈111〉 and {110}〈001〉 Orientations in Aluminum Rod H. Yamamoto
33 Interdiffusion in Solid Solution of the Al-Ag-Zn System at 832 K T. Yamane
34 Interdiffusion in Al-Ag Alloy Under High Pressure T. Yamane
35 High Pressure Effects on the Solubility of Silver in Aluminium T. Yamane
36 A Method of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy for G.P. Zones and Small Precipitates in Alloys H. Yoshida
37 Dislocation Density and Internal Stress in an Al-5.7at%Mg Alloy Deformed at High Temperatures H. Yoshinaga
38 The Character of Flow Stress in Metals and Alloys H. Yoshinaga
39 Yield Strength of Al-CuAl2 Lamellar-Eutectic Composites at High Temperatures H. Yoshinaga

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